Changes to United Health Care Insurance.

Dear Valued Patient:

We at Citrus Cardiology Consultants have enjoyed serving you as a United Healthcare (“United”) member. Unfortunately, United has decided to terminate its Medicare Advantage contract with us, and multiple other local physicians, effective January 1, 2014. After that date, United may not authorize treatment by our physicians, and may require you to see one of their contracted physicians.

We recently sent letters to our patients explaining this, and many of you have taken the steps to begin questioning your coverage. Quite a lot of patients are reporting to us that United has told them that they can continue to be seen by our physicians after January 1, 2014 as long as they are willing to pay a higher co-pay, BUT we cannot guarantee this to be true. We have again inquired of United about this and were told that such a decision would be made on a case-by-case basis depending upon the terms of the plan in which the patient is enrolled.

It is our strong desire to continue caring for you and providing the same quality care that you have come to expect from Citrus Cardiology. Therefore, we want to inform you about options available to you to secure your ability to choose your physicians. The open enrollment period for Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO (“Advantage”) plans is from October 15, 2013 – December 7, 2013. During this time period, you are allowed to choose/change your Advantage plan, or return to traditional Medicare.

If you are concerned about possibly being forced to choose another cardiology provider, you have other alternatives. Citrus Cardiology is contracted with other Advantage plans including Freedom, Optimum, Blue Cross, Humana, and CarePlus, among others. You may also return to traditional, non-HMO Medicare and choose your own physicians. If you decide to make a change to one of these plans, or return to traditional Medicare, we will be able to continue to treat you and your allowable services should be covered. Should you not make a change prior to December 7th, you may be forced to see a new physician in a different practice who is unfamiliar with your medical history.

Of special note, the United website, as well as websites for other Advantage plans, may not have an up-to-date listing of network physicians, and may include physicians that are not in their network either currently or in 2014. We encourage you to contact ALL of your physicians to determine the Advantage plans that they will be participating with in 2014. It is our sincere desire to insure that you continue to receive the best care possible from the physicians you choose, and those who are most familiar with your medical conditions.

For a complete listing of the Advantage plans accepted by Citrus Cardiology, please click on the link located on our website.

Jerry DeLoach
Chief Executive Officer

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